Conflict and Relationship Coaching


Conflict and relationship coaching helps you.....
  • prepare for mediation
  • understand the roots of your conflict
  • discover new ways to manage a conflict
  • get ready for a difficult conversation 
  • repair & rebuild a damaged relationship
  • change the way you communicate or relate
  • improve your skills
  • resolve internal conflict or dilemmas
  • learn from your experience of conflict
Conflict and relationship coaching provides a confidential and safe space to  reflect on and learn from your experiences of conflict communication and relationship breakdown.

It is an opportunity to learn new attitudes, skills and strategies that take the heat out of conflict and develop greater mutual awareness and compassion.  

You will discover new perspectives and understanding that will relieve tension, generate new options, and enable you to implement your chosen solutions.

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Changing ourselves is easier and more effective than trying to change others

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Achieve your goals while maintaining good relations