Learning and Training

For individuals, teams and organisations 

Breakthrough designs and facilitates learning conversations and capability building interventions for you. 

We deliver experiential training that is customized to your particular needs and circumstances while creating an environment in which the human spirit can flourish and be productive.

Conflict as our teacher

Contention and conflict can be uncomfortable but they can also be transformative teachers.......though only if you are open to inquiry and learning.  

Contention and conflict are inevitable in human interaction - how we handle them is up to us.  Openness to learning is essential to prevent, resolve or transform conflict.

Conflict capability can be learned.  It is an advanced form of communicating and relating that is essential in any healthy home,  workplace or community.

Developing personal and group conflict competence is the best way of preventing, deescalating and resolving disagreements and disputes.

Tell us what you need and we will quickly let you know what we can deliver for you.