Dialogue Facilitation

For teams, organisations and community groups

Breakthrough provides dialogue facilitation for groups, teams and organisations who may be experiencing contention and conflict and who wish to address legacy issues, repair working relationships and rebuild trust and commitment. 

Effective collaboration requires excellent communication and relating skills. Research tells us that healthy and respectful contention and collective power-sharing is needed for creativity, maintenance of morale and achievement of goals.  

Sometimes we get stuck, blame each other, or avoid contentious issues which tend to undermine collaboration and the achievement of the results we desire.  Sometimes we just need the presence and advanced capability of a skilled neutral facilitator to help us learn and have more productive conversations.

Harmonising diversity

Conflicts are the growing pains of the organisation - symptoms of an organisation getting to know itself and learning how to work together.

Gossiping is a sign of unresolved conflict and damages individuals and community relations.  Talking directly to each other might be more effective - let's gossip in public!

Diversity is the mother of creativity.  Productivity requires unity amidst diversity. Let's pick up the challenge of deep democracy!