Family and Workplace mediation


Family Mediation: 

Couples in conflict or those who have decided to separate or begin divorce proceedings may need assistance to reach a settlement, prepare a parenting plan or, simply, to resolve an escalating or recurring conflict. 

Siblings may be in dispute over an inheritance, care of the elderly or the management of a family business.  Mediation not only helps people reach a settlement but also maintain or improve communication and relationships.

Breakthrough provides a unique combination of mediation and communication and relationship coaching. We are particularly interested in working with disputing parties who wish to achieve both sustainable solutions and mutually supportive living or parenting relationships. 

Workplace Mediation:
Work colleagues, management and staff, or  business owners almost  inevitably find themselves in dispute or in conflict with each other from time to time.  

Unclear roles or expectations,  goals that stretch available resources and performance problems, are contexts which lead to communication and relationship breakdowns in high pressure workplace environments.

Mediation offers a quick and cost effective way of resolving disputes, establishing effective communication between people and building constructive working relationships.  

By combining mediation with other methods such as conflict and relationship coaching, Breakthrough can significantly increase the capability of management and employees, take the heat out of conflict and develop creative and sustainable solutions to problems in the workplace.

Resolving disputes/ conflicts: Mediation or legal pathway ?  What is the difference?

The Mediation option

Participation is voluntary for both parties

Uses neutral mediators to resolve disputes

Does not judge - jointly solves problems

Requires collaborative approach

Places decisions in hands of disputing parties

At best solves disputes & improves relationships

Mediator helps parties communicate 

Can be quick and improve communication skills

Implementation relies on voluntary commitment

Takes place in private/ is confidential

The Legal Choice

Participation may be involuntary for a party

Uses lawyers to advocate for your rights

Attributes fault/ asserts rights

Entails an adversarial approach

Places decision in hands of Judge

At best delivers redress/ enforcement of the law

Lawyers do the communicating for you

Usually slow and exacerbates party communication

Implementation relies on 3rd party enforcement

Takes place in court/ open to public

Unsure how to decide?

Arrange a free telephone consultation with a mediator or  try the conflict and relationship coaching option.

"Out there beyond ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing

 there is a field  -  I will meet you there"